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Eurostar services run from London to Amsterdam, stopping off at Paris and Brussels along the best way, which may be a great start for many backpackers who aren't certain where to start. There are professional's and cons to trains and buses however.

I do know I wouldn't. Merino wool is the perfect winter wear material particularly for travellers.

These are my travel essentials for a summer time in Europe. Is there anything I should add to my Europe packing list?

As far as trains, the AVE high speed prepare was an amazing experience. Something everybody should do no less than once.

The State Department advisory notes that the European soccer championships are being held at a number of stadiums all through the country, so the warnings prolong well past Paris. Although the advisory was issued by the U.S.

These backpacks are designed for the avid traveler to have easy access, comfort, and carry-on dimension.

Okay, so I said 7 things, but I've so as to add this last one! Backpacking Europe alone can have its advantages, sure, however what you gain in benefits, you typically lose in security. I went alone on my trip to Europe, so I can inform you first hand what the advantages are.

Eastern Europe has a number of the best night life one can ask for and there may be one for each funds from cozy bars to full-fledged nightclubs. What’s even better, you can even up your party scene by splurging on pool clubs when in Croatia.

Winter, however, will be downright brutal, so I’m coming at you with some ideas that helped me out even when I was north of the Arctic Circle (and nope, I’m not joking!).

Europeans have had centuries of cultural conditioning that dictates exactly when to wear a winter coat, the etiquette of the greeting kiss and how to tie a scarf - abilities which might be bafflingly opaque and even meaningless to a foreigner.

To date, I'm booked on two Contikis (one with one other pal), and my mother and father and brother will meet me for Christmas and New Year, meaning I'm sorted November-January.

When you've got any extra advice or tips that will help cut down costs or make the journey simpler, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again for the guide e-book and all the extra recommendation. You're an inspiration. Have a great day.

Many of us aren't used to going locations on foot, but European cities are made for walking. Don't spend cash on transportation if your vacation spot is within walking distance.

Our Europe travel agents will pay attention carefully and make the most of their travel expertise and partnerships with lodges and tour operators to create a personalized trip experience only for you!

There are so many lovely places in Sicily to be explored, that you won’t get bored spending your complete trip on this island.

I'm coming from Malaysia. There are many tours that use small groups, go to out of the best way locations and utilise the general public transport system. Intrepid travel has just started some small group tours in Europe and they pride themself on getting off the beaten track. Prices are very affordable. Maybe this could be an option?

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This is the big one, making packing and unpacking a breeze. Side handles, this could appear like such a small thing, but as a frequent traveler, I can attest it's not.

Dive right in, but not before testing the list of all the things you want to know before backpacking by means of Europe.

The cheapest month to travel is in January, when flights can get up to 22% cheaper. Paris: Book your flights not less than 11 weeks prematurely for flights which can be 27% cheaper than the yearly average. Amsterdam: Book your flights at the least 12 weeks upfront for flights which can be 43% cheaper than the yearly average.

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